SELL fixed - Own It Consignment Pop-Up (Women)

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To join the Own It Family, simply register as a consignor, price, hang and tag your items and drop your items at the sale.  You will receive at least 60% of your sales.

  • Accepted Merchandise

  • Pricing
  • Preparation

  • Dropping Off
  • Picking-Up
  • Cashing In
  • Volunteering



You’re now part of the Own It Community.  Just click on the link below to get started.
(Add link to computer program) (make sure consignor agreement is signed)


We ACCEPT Women’s, Misses, Juniors, Petites, Goddess and Maternity clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry in like-new condition; no tears, stains, missing or broken parts!  Items should be clean and laundered.

We are currently accepting items for all seasons.
Basically, only sell what you would be willing to buy!     

We DO NOT ACCEPT underwear, bras, socks or swimwear.



Price your items as though you were the shopper!
The fabulous part of consigning with Own It is that you price your own items!
The general rule is to price your items ⅓ - ½ of the original value.

You can opt to discount your items to 50% off for the final day of the sale.


Presentation Does Matter:
  1. Hang all clothing on hangers, with the hook of the hanger facing to the left like a question mark.
  2. Fasten all buttons, clasps, buckles and zippers.
  3. Attach sets, outfits and pairs together.
  4. Print your price tags on white or off-white cardstock (60+ lb) from ___________________ website
  5. Attach your printed price tags securely with safety pins, a tagging gun or zip ties.  Make sure your tags are secured on the front of your garment and easy to spot.
  6. All price tags should be attached directly to your item.  Please do not attach to shoe boxes, baggies, or any other packaging as they get lost easily.



  1. Register here for an available drop-off appointment.
  2. At drop-off, all items should be neatly hung and tagged. Please organize your inventory in groupings by size and category. (shirts, pants, dresses, etc.).
  3. We will inspect and scan items as consignors drop-off. Any unaccepted items will be returned at this time.
  4. You will be responsible for placing your items on the sale floor, with some guidance, of course!
  5. Please allow 30 minutes for drop-off.


  1. We will have designated pick-up hours in the event any of your items do not sell.
  2. Please print your “Sold Inventory” report prior to picking-up your items. This will make it much easier to find the items you are looking for.
  3. If you cannot pick-up during the designated hours, please arrange for somebody else to.
  4. All items left after pick-up will become the property of Own It Consignment, unless designated for donation.
  5. If you plan on joining us for future sales, please leave all tags on your merchandise as they can be reactivated.


  1. Consignors will receive 60% of their sales, plus any earned volunteer credits.
  2. A check will be mailed to the address provided within 14 days of the completion of the sale.


The success of each Own It sale relies on its fabulous volunteers. Volunteering opportunities include greeting customers, organizing merchandise and assisting with sales.
The benefits of volunteering include shopping our pre-sale event and earning a higher percentage of your sales.

When you choose to join the Own It volunteer family, you are making lifelong friends and connections!

Volunteer Shifts            Earnings

One shift (3 hours)                    65% of your sales & a pre-sale pass
Two shifts (6 hours)                  70% of your sales & a pre-sale pass
Three shifts (9 hours)               75% of your sales & a pre-sale pass
Four shifts (12 hours)                80% of your sales & a pre-sale pass

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